Welcome to my nature journal and hand lettering odyssey. Over the next few months I will be adding content that chronicles the changing seasons and reflects my journey in hand lettering.  I’ve never considered myself an artist that honor would go to my sister who actually is a watercolor painter.  However, I’ve always been in love with color and often wished I could express myself in a medium other than the written word. One of my earliest memories is of being given a wonderful set of watercolor marker.  I can remember looking at those markers and all the lovely colors and thinking I wish I could draw something.  Yes, I know, why didn’t I just draw something?  Some how at a very young age I had already internalized the idea that my efforts at art would not be good enough.  I have of course gone back and speculated at why I believed I couldn’t use those pens, but in the end does it really matter?  I decided it didn’t. Only the journey that I’m currently on matters.

I first feel in love with hand lettering in graduate school while looking at illuminated manuscripts. I had no idea at the time that their were artist who actually were reviving hand lettering with a modern twist.  It would take several more years and many years of teaching college literature before I would stumble by accident on a lettering challenge on Pinterest.  I pinned the challenge and like so many good ideas it got lost in a whirlwind of other good idea.   Earlier this year while reorganizing my boards I came across the challenge once again and this time I decided when I retired from teaching in the Fall I would attempt to learn how to letter.

The idea that I would embark on any journey that involved script would seem improbable as I once had a professor liken my hand writing to hieroglyphs, but as they say the arch of a life is long and so here begins an improbable journey born of a love of words and a desire to recapture a child’s wish to work with color.



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